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Joanne Chang, L.Ac.

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I was 33 years old and in the middle of a major life transition when I became mesmerized by the world of Chinese Medicine.  Learning about the polarity of Yin and Yang – opposing primal forces that also depend on and transform each other in a constantly changing and mutually supportive relationship, forming the basis of all life – felt like being seen for the first time.  Because life is not one thing, one flavor, one way.  Nor are we.  We are a multi-dimensional process of ongoing change and transformation.  We are a forever evolving paradox.


Having lived most of my life with the edict that hard work, professional success, and financial stability were the building blocks of a happy life, I felt lost and confused when these things did not bring me joy, but instead depression, anxiety, addiction, and attachment to external things.  When my marriage crumbled in 2009, I took it as the perfect opportunity to leave my cushy corporate job, travel the world, and ask myself for the first time:  What does a meaningful life look and feel like?


Healing myself.  Helping others heal.  Holding the tension of polarities so that we may find a new way, one that is not what we’ve been told, but one that we create by listening to our body, trusting our intuition, and uncovering what longs to be seen.

My experience as a young widow, a single mother, a child of immigrants, and a woman of color who has journeyed through many lifetimes does not make me an expert on the human experience, but it has allowed me to hold others in grief, loss, loneliness, uncertainty, change, fear, and rejection from a place of true understanding and compassion.  I feel honored to be doing work that I love in partnership with my patients and in integrity with my personal path as a healer and empath.

I am a graduate of the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I have completed over 3,200 hours of clinical and didactic study with additional training from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA.  I am a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Colorado and a National-Board Certified Diplomate with the NCCAOM.  I am currently engaged in ongoing mentorship with renowned Five Element practitioner and teacher, Lorie Eve Dechar, and Benjamin Fox through A New Possibility, integrating the ancient tools and wisdom of Five Spirit medicine and Alchemical Healing into my practice during this time of immense planetary change and transformation.

Philosophy + Tools

Healing begins when we stop resisting the natural flow of life and open to the truth of who we are.  At the root of many chronic illnesses and imbalances is an emotional or spiritual dysfunction that manifests on the physical plane, guiding us to take notice and seek a more integral and intentional way of moving through the world.  This invitation to shift our awareness, tend to past trauma, practice self-love and listen to the calling is a gift, often disguised in a cloak of darkness.  To accept the invitation, engage in inner work, and lean into transformation is an incredible act of bravery that creates the conditions for health and well being.

Acupuncture needles, spirit points, essential oils, moxa, touch therapy and herbal formulas serve as the somatic tools for this medicine.  Clear intention, deep listening, inner sensing, imaginal sight, and guided meditation serve as intangible yet indispensable tools that reconnect our bodies to mind and spirit.  Weaving together the seen and the unseen, we call forth the knowing of our highest consciousness in order to heal at the deepest levels of our being.  

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