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"You are the universe in ecstatic motion."   ~ Rumi

We are a multi-dimensional process of ongoing change and transformation. 

We are a forever evolving paradox.

At Brave Life Acupuncture we are committed to supporting you on your path to wholeness so that you may live your most vibrant and purposeful life.  Using safe, gentle techniques and natural medicines we invite your body to reconnect with its innate capacity to heal, while honoring the body’s messages as potent guides to a more peaceful and meaningful existence.

The body's messages take many forms.  Digestive discomfort, chronic pain, headaches, painful periods, asthma, high blood pressure, insomnia, skin disorders, fatigue, addiction, anxiety, despondency, rage.  They are often uncomfortable, painful, nagging, and disruptive.  They ask us to stop and take notice, to recognize that something needs our attention, and that something needs to change.

The rebalancing of energies, the ability to access deep states of consciousness, the gentle yet powerful nudge that acupuncture needles, plant medicines, healing touch, and grounded presence can offer - this is the foundation of our healing work.  Addressing not only the symptoms that ail us, but also the emotional, spiritual, and ancestral pain that underlie our physiology, so that we may live into the brave, beautiful life that is waiting for us.

We are all healers, active co-participants in our collective healing journey, with infinite body wisdom and a whole lot of agency over our health and dis-ease.  When we heal ourselves, we heal others.  And the world changes.


4130 Tejon St, Suite C

Denver, CO 80211

(behind The Conflict Center)

Tel: (720) 432-5281‬

Thanks for getting in touch!

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