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Let It Fall Like Rain

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

If you live in Colorado, you’re aware of the inordinate amount of rain we’ve experienced this spring. Summer officially starts next week, and so far we’ve only had a handful of blue sky sunshine days since Memorial Day, left instead with overcast clouds, water dripping from the sky, even shards of ice being pelted at us from the gods above. In May alone we clocked 5.5 inches of rain; if this had been snow, it would have buried the city of Denver in over 40 inches of fluffy white stuff.

The long, drawn-out spring and the reluctance to burst forth into summer has me pondering our own internal weather patterns – Spring being the season of growth, vision, and imagination, offering inspiration for Summer’s blossoming.

Rain can be felt as both nourishment for our souls, our bodies, our earth, our crops, and an invitation to let go of old patterns, transform what is unseen (air) into matter (water), and feel the literal weight of releasing what we no longer need. We cannot grow against the entropic force of gravity if we are carrying the weight of our inherited and embodied pasts. Instead we must bring those energies up from their unconscious depths, give them form, then bravely choose to let it all go, let it fall like rain while we watch in grief and wonder.

In Chinese Medicine, Fall is the season of letting go, of death and surrender, and as the grandparent to Spring it gives legacy to the season of growth and new life. Perhaps all this rainfall exists to remind us of what we are holding onto, either blindly or too tightly, and asks us to release some of that pressure so that we may be free to rise again. In so doing, we nourish our roots with life-giving water and alchemically compost the stories, beliefs, and generational traumas that no longer serve us into the seeds of new beginnings. We create space and levity for the Fire of Summer to arrive, to blossom.

What might you be holding onto that is ready to die?

What darkness might be hiding in your shadows, awaiting liberation?

What do you want the seeds of your blossom to be made of?


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